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LONDON ST ART CLUB was born to share, teach & explore interesting

art-making techniques. Inspiring people to pick up the brush regardless of past experience or skill. The guided style of these workshops provides support & takes away the intimidation of the blank page. 

Make art for well being, we say.

Our workshops are designed so you are supported through the art-making process, & also have the opportunity for your own decision-making. 


No previous experience is required and you have the freedom to follow along as you wish, or add your own elements at any point. 






Natalie Knight is the manager at London St Art Club.


Having practised art making for many years, including the curation of her own independent exhibitions, Natalie is writhe with artistic experience and passion.


With a kind yet technical eye, she guides you to create informed yet intuitive choices when in your own practise.



Summer is the lead instructor at London St Art Club. She is a Visual Artist practising in Auckland, New Zealand and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Art.

With a background in yoga teaching, Summer’s teaching style creates an immersive and sensory experience for people, connecting them to the body and mind. Summer supports you through the art-making process, whilst allowing you the opportunity for your own decision-making.

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