LONDON ST ART CLUB was born to share, teach and explore interesting art-making techniques, and inspire people to pick up the brush regardless of past experience or skill. The guided tutorial style of these workshops provide support and take away the intimidation of the blank page.


The workshops are designed so you are supported through the art-making process, and also have opportunity for your own decision making. After every LSAC workshop, you will leave with your own piece of fine art along with a library of art-making methods to use in your own practice.


These workshops are an opportunity for those who want to explore painting and art-making, or those who are experienced but want to become re-inspired and learn new techniques.


No previous experience is required and you have the freedom to follow along as you wish, or add your own elements at any point. 


Material costs are included in the individual workshops or as otherwise defined in the workshop description.




The instructor guiding the LSAC workshops is Holly Schroder. She is a Visual Artist practising in Auckland, New Zealand, and has a Bachelor of Visual Art from AUT and a Graduate Diploma in Creative Technology from the Media Design School. Holly has had experience teaching workshops and creating an easy to follow process.


“The intimidation of the white rectangle can be enough to not even try. That’s why I always have methods up my sleeve as a way of kick-starting a painting. Even if its a few pencil gestures on the page, tracing a shadow of light, painting with your eyes closed or drawing inspiration from objects, there are endless actions to lead into a work. I want to share some of my methods and show that art-making shouldn’t be as intimidating as it can sometimes seem.”