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Water & Colour


Enjoy the diversity of watercolour, and the many ways it can look and be.

Warm Up Exercises

  • Contour Lines: Simple outlines of the objects from the shells on the reference sheet in front of you.

  • Eyes Wide Shut: With shut eyes, we will come around & give you an object for you to explore through the senses other than sight.

  • Eyes Wide Open: Pass the object to your left, notice what what you didn't see when your eyes were closed. Finer detail, intricate beauties.

Exercise One:

Salt & Tape

Screen Shot 2023-02-28 at 4.57.53 PM.png

Learn to use external elements to manipulate watercolour to your unique needs.


Find white space and a clean line through the masking tape, whilst the salt adds an element of creative exploration.

Exercise Two:

Sand & Stone


Find inspiration from natural sources: stones & shells in front of you. With a closer attention to the intimate detailing and shadowing within that piece. 

Take time to notice what you notice, and feel what you feel.

Exercise Three:

Sweeping Landscape

Screen Shot 2023-02-24 at 2.28.52 PM.png

Use the fluid acrylics to find a pigmented, watery landscape of your own making. 

Watch the colours compliment and mingle with each other upon your page.

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